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The Beatles Tribute Band

Britain's Finest is one of the most authentic Beatles tribute band to emerge in the last 20 years. Based in Hollywood, California this "All-Star" cast has been rapidly gaining both national and international attention with their hauntingly accurate recreation of all the iconic eras in The Beatles history. The show can be tailored to suit your preference from 30 minutes to 2 full hours. You can choose from their various costumes such as the "Mop Top", Sgt. Peppers or the Abbey Road / Let It Be eras. If you would like to enjoy some live performance footage please visit the media page.

Britain's Finest was featured on AXS TV's "World's Greatest Tribute Bands" and on the nationally syndicated radio show "Breakfast with The Beatles" with host Chris Carter. The band is happy to announce that they were asked to return to Knott's Berry Farm in Summer of 2014.

If you would like to catch a live show, check-out their extended calendar and see when they're performing in your area.

Britain's Finest is represented by Music Zirconia, the world's top tribute band agency. Please contact us for any booking inquiries and one of our friendly staff will be happy to answer all your questions about Britain's Finest Beatles Tribute.
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Beatles tribute Band News
  Feb 20, 2013
  See the lads on AXS TV's new show The World's Greatest Tribute Bands. Taping Live from the Roxy Theater in Hollywood Ca, March 4th.

Hello to all Britain's Finest fans  (we hope you haven't melted yet!)

Remember August? Remember how it was so hot outside that your sun screen was running into your eyeholes? Well imagine how much more fun that could've been with a black suit and a comfortable wig to wear. I tell you, we ENJOYED that!

August 6th: Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park kicked off August for us. When we arrived on the scene, we couldn't help but notice all the screaming fans that were run down by our limousines. Because they were run down by our limousines! We had to fight our way to the stage through all of the fans who, for one reason or another, were wearing blue uniforms with riot shields and pepper spray. I don't really know what the badges were about either! But they ADORED us (almost to death with nightsticks).
Michael Wainwright hit the stage and all of us were in awe of his ability to shred on a tuba. We never knew he could even identify one, let alone play it! The show was a smash success because not ONE of us ever made the slightest error. We were the epitome of perfection. Or not. The crowd was in a roaring frenzy.

August 8th: Robert and I (Benjamin) carpooled together all the way to Banning to play yet another sold out show to an outdoor crowd. The sun was so hot that the tires melted right off of Robert's pick-up truck. So we drove to the venue on glowing hot rims that continuously shot sparks into the neighboring hills and bystanders. By the time our show started, a good portion of Banning was in flames. That, however, did not stop the multitudes. This time we had to fight our way to the stage through a mob of unrelenting fans who were dressed in yellow outfits, donning hard, plastic, oversized helmets. And for some odd reason they were running around saving kittens and extinguishing fires. The show was well received and we must've played eighteen encores, because well... I think we may still be playing right NOW!

August 10th: San Diego used to have this AWESOME campground called Campland. It was beautiful with singing birds and crashing waves. The sounds of children's laughter and skidding Frisbees brought peace of mind and an overall feeling of vacation to families who had travelled from all over the USA. I say that there USED to be a place called Campland, because if you go there now, there's nothing but a crater in the earth where it previously resided. Yeah, that's right, we rocked that place into oblivion. We knew they were enjoying themselves because they just kept yelling "BOO" and throwing rocks and dirt at us! After I lost several teeth and Luis lost an eye, we knew we were on the right track. WE LOVE YOU CAMPLAND!!!

August 17th: Big Bear Lake. What a great town! It was a cool little mountain town with family owned, coffee shops and novelty / souvenir stores. Wonderful people live there and they were so kind that, even though we experienced EVERY technical difficulty known to man during our performance, they showed us love! That's right folks. Contrary to popular belief, we occasionally experience errors (self inflicted and otherwise). Guitars weren't working, basses turned off, keyboards frizzled out and vocal cords snapped. But we just kept on smiling! Big Bear has a BIG HEART!

August 24th: Escondido is the place to go for romance, if you consider long drives, enduring 100 degree heat in hours of senseless traffic, romantic. I, myself, LOVE romance! Thankfully, the Lawrence Welk Theater was air conditioned and we were able to see some familiar faces in the audience. Otherwise, we may have just turned back around and sat in a few more hours of "romance".  Peter George filled in for us and we enjoyed his antics. Though we had to reprimand him because he said some things that Robert found offensive. And Robert HATES filth! Trust me!

Seriously, we've been having a great summer and thanks again to all of you who support us and to the few of you who can actually tolerate my ridiculous recaps of our adventures!

Benny and Britain's Finest

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